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    Our COVID changes to keep you safe!

    What’s changed to keep you safe & enjoy HYGGE with confidence. We are delighted that we are open again, see your familiar faces, serve you with the most delicious cakes and drinks. It is so heartening to see people being physically distant but NOT socially, and we have learned we all need to have places where we can be safely social. Hygge has put in place measures to make sure you can do precisely that; treat yourself, be with friends or family. As standard: We deep clean the cafe daily, have an “easy in & out” door system We sanitise and clean multiple times a day the door handles, other…

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    We are open again!

    We are delighted to be re-opening Hygge café bar in the heart of Rotherham, to provide you with fresh locally sourced food. Ranging from breakfast to lunchtime deals and serve you our popular and frappes and smoothies! (These have really gone down a treat with our customers!) We also offer a take-away, and a delicious cost-effective option for any catering needs big or small. Not only will you find a comfortable pleasant stay at Hygge you are also helping out as we are apart of a  charity called Rotherham rise. So if you find yourself in the area why not pop along and see for yourself how great Hygge is…