Hygge Store is the place for stylish and unique gifts whether you are looking to treat yourself or someone you care about Hygge will have something! Not only that, shopping with us has a very special additional “feel-good” factor which is all proceeds go straight back to the charity Rotherham Rise. So not only are supporting local business you are with every shop supporting a local charity making a difference in the community!

Wellness Boxes

You might have seen these online and are super popular; it’s an exceptional gift to say to someone you care. Wellness boxes are all about spoiling, treating and taking time out to look after ourselves. Inside there are a variety of inspirational gifts and some edible treats too.

Starting from only £9.99 (buy them online here: Rise CHarity Shop @ Hygge)


Preloved Books

There is a famous quote about reading; “it’s dreaming with your eyes open” and what better way to dream than with one of our preloved books!
We have fiction, classics, non-fiction… literally all sorts.

Paperbacks are only £1.50, hardbacks only £2 and if you fancy a “blind date with a book” try our “Suprise Book” for £2.



With the nights closing in making your surroundings more “Hygge” is a perfect idea. Hygge stands for comfort and cosiness, and this is reflected in the homewares we sell. Whether you are looking for an art print, a luxurious throw, inspirational ceramic mug, scented candles, some lovely plants, or a super-cute polar bear light or a Scandi inspired flower press; come and visit us we have all of it and much more besides.

Prices starting from £3.45


Children’s Gifts

We have animal-inspired games for children from a Fox Kelidoscope to Animal Memory Games and all of lovely quality; a little quirky and different bound to raise a smile of any child!

Prices starting from £1



Frida Kahlo

She is definitely a little bit of hero to us hence we have a special range of great Frida gifts perfect for spoiling yourself or someone else and looking super-funky in the process. We have Frida Compact Mirrors, Glasses Case, Fridge Magnet and more!

Prices start from £3.25



No “Hygge ” shop would be complete without something to get your mouth-watering treats! We have Chocolate Sticks, Shortbreads, Fudge, Chocolate Bars and delicious, no really, delicious vegan Marshmallows!

Prices start from £1.25



We always have found it hard to find truly lovely greeting card and postcards that are just that little different, unique or arty with a good inspired message, well no longer! We have a great range of greeting cards and postcards for every occasion; we stock the Rotherham Rise charity Christmas cards too (buy them online here: Rise CHarity Shop @ Hygge)!

Prices starting from £0.60


And much more

As you can tell we have really stocked up to give you a unique shopping experience and besides all of the above we also do some lovely bath bombs. There is also never a reason to get caught out by bad weather again as Hygge should be your next emergency umbrella purchase stop!



Come visit as there truly is something for every and anyone!